Department message

The Vision 

The program should be a pioneer in providing distinguished community, educational and research services by applying the comprehensive quality standards in the field of computer science


The Message

The program seeks to graduate cadres qualified scientifically and practically in the field of computer science through the application of comprehensive quality standards and keep pace with the rapid development in the process of education and scientific research and strive to develop and serve the community not inconsistent with religious and national goals.


Qualifying students for the professional field and providing them with comprehensive skills and knowledge in the field of computer science
Developing curricula and plans according to the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA)
Follow up developments and modern technologies in the field of computer science in the world
Developing students' innovations while adhering to professional and ethical behaviors
Contribute to the development of scientific research in the field of computer science
Supporting technical activities and participation of students in seminars, conferences and workshops
Enhancing the service of the surrounding community and presenting the computer science experience to the relevant authorities through the organization of meetings and courses