Vision, mission and goals


Leadership and excellence in the application of quality practices and academic development to obtain accreditation and achieve competition at the regional and global level

The letter

Implement modern quality systems and tools to ensure the quality and continuous development of academic programs and scientific and practical activities and to achieve excellence in education and improve scientific research and community service, which qualifies the student community of men to obtain academic accreditation and achieve competition for female graduates at the regional and global levels


Spreading the culture of quality and development among the employees of the student complex with men of knowledge
Spread the culture of developing and building plans and study programs in the complex
Meeting the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment according to a set of indicators, evidence and evidence.
Encourage departmental initiative and individuals supporting the application of quality standards
Follow-up quality assurance procedures in the complex in terms of scientific, research and management in order to raise the efficiency of the complex and achieve the vision and mission and objectives of the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality at King Khalid University
Developing and evaluating the professional performance of the members of the complex (faculty members and staff)
Training faculty members and employees on methods and methods of quality assurance and obtaining academic accreditation
The participation and contribution of the Society in the promotion and development of society, which guarantees them the confidence of society and other educational institutions
Enhancing coordination between faculty and other faculties of King Khalid University and regional and international universities colleges
Dissemination of the culture of scientific research, innovation and creativity, and encourage the outstanding competencies of faculty members and students at the university to contribute to scientific research.