Workshop cum Competition in the Department of English

The Department of English, Rijal Alma'a conducted a workshop cum Competition on March 5, 2019 (Tuesday) in collaboration with Al Amal club, Rijal Alma'a. KKU. The workshop was organized by the English Language Research and Development Committee of the English Department under the headship of Dr. Sarwat un Nisa. The workshop was divided into two parts: 


The first part was a presentation on "How to enhance English Language Skills" given by Dr. Shazia Tabassum. In her Presentation, she talked about the different ways of enhancing English Language Skills. She suggested different ways of overcoming the problems which students face in learning LSRW skills and also talked about the areas they should focus on while learning English Language. She concluded her presentation by giving an instruction based activity to the students which they found quite useful.


In the second part of the workshop, a competition was held in which 15 students participated. Different activities were given to the students in which they were competing with each other to win. The activities which were included in the competition were word chain, word building, semantic field, spelling bee, antonym/synonym, and a speaking task. At the end of the competition, based on the decision of the judges and points scored by the participants, the names of the top three prize winners were announced. The top three participants were given prizes along with the certificates of achievement and the remaining participants were given tokens of appreciation along with the certificates of appreciation.


The aim of the workshop was to encourage and motivate students to improve their English Language skills. Overall, the students found the workshop quite beneficial and effective and they requested the department to conduct such workshops from time to time in the future as well. 


The workshop was concluded by a vote of thanks speech by the Head of the Department in which she extended her gratitude and appreciation to the Dean of the college for her efforts and support to conduct such activities in the college, Also, the coordinators of the English Language and Research committee of the dept., Faculty members and Al-Amal club were thanked and appreciated for their support.



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