International Day of Quality

Under the patronage of His Excellency the General Supervisor of King Khalid University Branch. Ahmed Bin Atef Al-Shihri The College of Science and Arts, in the town of Asir, held a partnership with the Faculty of Science, Arts and Society with the Rijal Alma events of the International Day of Quality 2017 under the motto of leadership on Tuesday 25/2/1438 AH Where invitations were made at the level of the branch of the faculties and in the presence of a number of leaders and faculty members and a number of students .. The program was opened with the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Halima Al-Rafei, followed by a presentation of the working paper on the role of academic leaders in activating the quality by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Arts and Society (Rijal Alma), Abeer Zaher Al-Alma'i and the work paper of leadership and its role in the quality of work by Ahlam Asiri, Vice Dean for Academic and Educational Affairs, as well as leadership in Islam lessons and through the development of reality. Manal Mohamed is the vice dean of development and quality Rijal Alma. Under the patronage of the General Supervisor of the University Branch, Ahmed bin Atef Al-Shihri in Tohama was inaugurated (Hour for Development) Initiative of the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts Abeer Zaher Al-Alma'i . The aim of the Hour Development initiative is to transfer expertise and professional skills among the different segments of the college (faculty, administration, students). A number of seminars and short courses have been scheduled, which are no more than one hour of development aimed at raising the abilities and skills of the faculty staff in a voluntary and participatory manner. She also welcomed the professor who wanted to benefit from what is presented in college in coordination with the vise dean of the Quality in the presentation of seminars through the video conferencing for beneficiaries within the branch. Media Center Rijal Almaa a. Kholoud Saeed al - Junaibi    

National Day and reception of new students

Under the patronage of the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Deanship of Student Affairs. The Students Activities Unit of the Faculty of Science, Arts and Society held a ceremony of  the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the reception of  the new students on Wednesday, 1439/14/14 AH,  In the presence of all faculty members of the leadership and members of the faculty and administrators and students. This was in the presence of several corners. Student Activity Corner, Student Affairs Corner, Guidance and Directing  Corner, E-Learning Corner, Development and Quality Corner, Admissions and Registration Corner, Security and Safety Corner The ceremony included a speech by the Dean of the College. Abeer Al Almai In addition, the speech of the tow vice Deans also the faculty members wrote short massage of congratulations to the National Day on the mural dedicated to this, also put their fingerprints on the board bearing the logo of the homeland. The ceremony ended at 12 noon

The 87th National Day

National Day is a precious occasion, which is repeated every year. We follow through the huge renaissance process that the country has known and adapt in all fields. The Kingdom has become a standard and primary country in short time between numbers of developed countries. in addition, it's distinguished by its religious values, heritage and protection of the Islamic faith. The Muslim holy sites and the Muslim community, and paid great attention to their kindness and expansion to comfort of pilgrims and visitors, and showed the country's protectiveness on Muslims' sanctities and highlighting them in the best appearance that every Muslim wishes to pray to God Almighty. To maintain the security and stability of this country under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful Prince.