(I am proud of my femininity)Program

Under the patronage of the Deanship and Vice Deanship of Students' Affairs, Misik team established a program at Rijal Alma Faculty of Science and Arts.  Where the program began with  Koran and then a welcome speech by the student Mona Ali, then the Dean of the College - Abeer Al - Almai urged students to adhere to the veil and Islamic moral. After that, Dr. Amal Hashim gave a lecture about the veil and what should be the veil of Muslim women .The lecture concluded with a competition between the students whose questions were centered on the Muslim girl and her hijab The program also included three points: The first (I was proud of my hijab) contained a folded up for the hijab. The title was the warning of the hijab and included some gifts distributed to the students. The second (my pride in appearance and substance) contains publications that show the body of some groups that target Muslim women in their hijab and dress, such as emo.  Playboy. Satanists and others as we have explained their danger to the girl and the entire community The third (my idol) contained paper clips in which the students recorded their idol and there were a discussion of some of the students about idol chosen with the academic advisor at the College Halima Mafraq and roses were distributed to students after recording their idol. The program ended at 11:30