(To know more) program

Under the patronage of the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Masc Club at the Faculty of Science and Arts at Rejal Alma held a program (To know more) on Tuesday, 18-2-1439H. The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Department of English Language, Accounting Department participated in the program. Where each department has a special corner to introduce and  let students know about the career after graduation and each department presented a detailed explanation of the study plan and  displays  a PowerPoint presentation  entitled  (The Internet is a virtual world, but morality is not virtual)  and the presentation contains the most important advantages of the Internet as well as its disadvantages and guidance how to use it. In addition, videos were presented to identify the importance of each department's participant. The all of the departments have a large turnout of all students and also of some faculty members. The program ended at 12 o'clock.