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The Student Activity Unit prepares a generation of skills and knowledge by offering various and useful non-systematic activities for students. It also seeks to discover, refine, develop, and properly guide capabilities and talents so that they can be actors in building their community and country


Excellence and leadership in the delivery of extracurricular activities, targeted programs, and work on continuous development in building the student's personality psychologically, culturally, and socially


Providing a range of cultural, social, sporting, and technical activities in a manner appropriate to all students and encourage them to create and excel by taking their leisure time to a useful and developmental level of their skills in various fields and giving them new knowledge that builds their personalities and allows them to adapt to university life and society


  1. Preparing a university student properly intellectually, physically, and socially through activities and the dissemination of cultural and knowledge awareness in various fields.
  2. Investing students' leisure time in meaningful and useful programs
  3. Conscious interaction with global civilizational developments and fields of human knowledge and to take advantage of their sources in accordance with the teachings of Islam
  4. Contributing to the formation of a balanced and integrated student's personality
  5. Affirm the duty of female students to serve their country and strengthen their feeling towards it.
  6. Closer fraternal ties between female students and strengthen the spirit of damage and cooperation with their teachers


  1. Supervising Alma’s club and monitoring its performance and preparing the necessary reports for the relevant authorities.
  2. Raising students' awareness of the importance and types of activities and how to enrol them in line with their tendencies and wishes at the beginning of the Academic year
  3. Preparing records and files for work in accordance with the directives received from the Department
  4. Organization of activity budget and follow-up of disbursement according to specific disbursements.
  5. Training the student to lead, obey and take responsibility.
  6. Entrenchment of social values among female students such as cooperation, honest competition, constructive dialogue, and acceptance of other opinion.
  1. Digital Suitcase Initiative
  2. Digital Obliteration illiterate Initiative
  3. Green college initiative
  4. Development by volunteering initiative
  5. Initiative of My handwriting Creates Value


Head of the unit
Ms. Ashwaq Al Maghrm
Email address:
Telephone: 0172406135
Office of Activity Unit
Building (A)