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Department of English Language was established at the Girls Complex of the College of Science and Arts in Rijal Alma in the academic year 1433/1434 AH. It was opened to female students at the beginning of the first academic semester with the aim of obtaining a bachelor's degree, provided that they complete eight levels of study divided into four years. The number of registered students at that time was sixty (60) students. The courses taught in the department, they include translation, literature, and English linguistics.  


Vision :

The Department of English is committed to preparing the student with a first-class learning experience.  It also aims to prepare graduates with advanced skills in a wide range in professional fields so their contribution to the field of Language and Linguistics is remarkable. 



Provide support to the leadership of the university for its progress regionally and globally.  The Department of English also seeks to provide  a successful academic  educational program,  improve the teaching and research process, and encourage teamwork in all fields of the English language, namely translation, literature and linguistics.   It strives to provide students with vital, critical and interpretive skills for the success of the career process in a world where scientific and technical competition is accelerating  and the demands for multiple languages and communications is increasing.  It also seeks to prepare students to achieve successful language proficiency academically, professionally and intellectually to meet the requirements of the labor market.


  1. To achieve higher levels of proficiency in all English language skills, develop language skills using theory and expand knowledge and skills through practical use of language (writing and speaking)

  2. Provide our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for translation, literary appreciation, linguistics, and analysis of applied linguistics.

  3. Encourage students to use modern technology that can enhance their English education.

  4. Critical Thinking and Inquiry: Provide  basic academic research skills and develop critical thinking skills for academic inquiry and problem solving at a higher level.

  5. Enable students to analyze and interpret academic research.

  6. Enhance students' independence and creativity in learning.

  7. To provide  excellent English language training to help students acquire the skills necessary to achieve their goals and ensure that graduates possess the language skills and abilities required to achieve academic and professional endeavors in the current and expected labor market.

  8. Preparing competent and professional users of the English language.

  9. Preparing well-qualified graduates who can effectively meet the needs of the community for English language specialists, practitioners,  translators, teachers and researchers.


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Department head: Dr.  Sarwat Un Nisa
Email address: smakdoomi@kku.edu.sa 
Telephone:  0172416119

Office: Building B , Second floor 


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Faculty members
Email address
Dr.Tharwat Alnisa
Dr.Shazit tabasam
Ms.Nouf Fahad
Dr.Mahasin Othman
Ms.Noura Mohammad
Ms.Ashwaq Almughram
Ms.Banan Asiri
Ms.Tahani Ahmed Al-Asiri
Dr. Fatima Muhammad Ali 
Ms.Sharifa Ahmed Ali Asiri
Ms.Amira Mohammed
Ms.Abeer Al-Maqsudi
Ms.Sarah Ahmed